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Media Reports on the UHW Trusteeship

Sacramento Business Journal, Jan 26, 2009
Healthcare workers to SEIU: Let us decide on representation.
"Faced with takeover by the international union as early as Tuesday, leaders at Service Employees International Union-United Healthcare Workers West called on the international to let workers decide who will represent them.

SEIU officials in Washington, D.C., issued an ultimatum to UHW on Thursday: Agree to support the transfer of 65,000 nursing home and home care workers out of UHW or face immediate takeover and the expulsion of the local leadership."

LA Times, Jan 28, 2009
Leaders of healthcare workers union are relieved of duty
"The leaders of an Oakland union were removed from office Tuesday by their Washington bosses, the culmination of months of fighting over who will represent tens of thousands of home health aides.

The Service Employees International Union served the officers of the 150,000-member United Healthcare Workers West with a trusteeship notice Tuesday afternoon. It appointed its executive vice presidents, Eliseo Medina and Dave Regan, as trustees.

UHW said in a statement that it has "rejected this imposition.""

SF Chronicle, Jan 28, 2009
SEIU takes over local health care workers union

"Oakland-based United Healthcare Workers-West, the fastest-growing health care union in the nation, was taken over Tuesday by its parent union, the Service Employees International Union.

The president of United Healthcare Workers-West and 100 other elected officers were removed."

Calitics, Jan 28, 2009
Blog Post by Brian Leubitz
"I'm currently on a conference call with the former leaders of SEIU-UHW where they are announcing the formation of the National Union of Healthcare Workers. They'll be working to decertify UHW at many of the facilities. This will be a long fight as the negotiations come up throughout the next coming years.

This is all in response to SEIU International's trusteeship of the UHW local. As I understand it, the International has placed calls to employers notifying them that UHW employees no longer represented the employees."

LA Times, Jan 29, 2009
Ousted UHW leaders form new union
"The ousted leaders of Oakland-based United Healthcare Workers West on Wednesday announced that they have formed a new union and intend to begin recruiting their former members, a continuation of brinkmanship between UHW and the Service Employees International Union.

The new group is called the National Union of Healthcare Workers, and organizers are busily collecting union cards from UHW members, the first step toward recognition in workplaces."

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