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Reports from UHW members and others in our movement.

United Healthcare Workers Holding Our Ground.
By Amy Thigpen, Medical Social Worker and UHW Member.

"Last night I slept on the kind of carpet you don't really want to examine too closely. It's splotched with decades of coffee stains and salsa and too many conversations still seem to hang in the stale air, but there I was, curled up on my air mattresses in the union hall in downtown Oakland, the home of United Healthcare Workers West, my union. On my right my sister the Medical Assistant slept peacefully, on my left my sister the Call Center Representative, across my sister the Ultrasound Technician, and my sister the Optical Technician. All of them healthcare workers, member leaders and officers in our union. I realized that I loved this stale, stained room, with carpets held together by duct tape, I love the room because it holds the waking dreams of my sister and brothers in UHW-W. The place may be held together by duct tape but we as a union are held together by something stronger."

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In the Streets - A report on UHW members' Jan 24 meetings.
By Ellen Dillinger, UHW member.

"UHW members from the Bay Area and elsewhere in Northern California met at the ILWU hall in Oakland to assess SEIU's plans for UHW. The International Longshore & Warehouse Union has a long history of fighting for union members' rights, and their hall was a fitting place to contemplate UHW's future."

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