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SMART is an international rank-and-file movement for the democratic reform of SEIU. We are leaders from many local unions, and from every division of SEIU: public-sector, property services and healthcare.

We are organized rank-and-file members who believe that members are the real source of strength for our Union and the people behind every victory.

Members have fought for years in our work sites, in the streets, and in the halls of government to make SEIU the largest and strongest union in the country - now two million workers strong. Members also know that growth is critical to our success, and to rebuilding a fighting labor movement - but not growth at all costs, and not without full participation of the members.

In the name of growth, some recent agreements orchestrated by SEIU's leadership have traded away high contract standards, limited members' free speech and ability to protect the public we serve, and compromised our right to strike. All this has been done without real member involvement.

Many in SEIU have grave concerns that in recent years, SEIU's leadership in D.C. has drifted away from the membership, forgetting that we are the ones who make our union strong. Dozens of mergers have been imposed without any member involvement or democratic procedures, elected leaders have been replaced with appointed ones. Constitutional changes have given the president and international union's executive board unprecedented powers to force coordinated bargaining, appoint our bargaining teams, and settle our contracts.

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It's time to remind our leaders that SEIU is a union of, by, and for the members!

SMART is building a membership reform movement that will:

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