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From: "Dan Clawson"
Date: April 29, 2009 10:48:21 PM EDT
Subject: Fw: insurgent SEIU slate ousts trustee

In SEIU 888 in Massachusetts, formed about five years ago by the merger of
assorted public sector locals, Susanna Segat was appointed as the trustee.
She won her first election, but has just been ousted by an insurgent "Bring
Back Our Union" slate, which won by a more than 500 votes for president
(1801 to 1284, with slightly different votes in other races; the insurgents
won every seat they contested, but ran only 5 candidates for 18 Executive
Board seats).

About four years ago, 2500 members left this SEIU local and went into NEA
locals at the University of Massachusetts. The group had threatened to
decertify, but at the last minute SEIU voluntarily consented to the group
leaving, and cooperated with the process.

I've attached the election results for your interest. These are hot off the press; the count was today.

Posted by SEIU SMART at 3:52 PM, March 10, 2009


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