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U.S. Department of Labor Settlement Agreement Reached

New Elections to be Held, August 20 – September 21

Mail ballots will go out August 20 and ballots will be counted on September 21, 2010.

SEIU 221 has made an out-of-court agreement to hold new elections for Local President and for 11 other executive board and officer positions. (Four of the 16 board seats were uncontested in 2009, and will not be included in the new elections.) This agreement averts the possibility of a long and expensive trial, and of a court order to nullify the results of the July 2009 elections, but has the same result: new elections run under government supervision, NOT run by the incumbent union officers who got caught stealing the first election.

Reform221 has qualified a team (“slate”) of 11 candidates for the ballot. All members of SEIU -- in ALL Locals everywhere -- who want to Take Back Our Union, end the corruption, and build a Union that WORKS, are invited to contact REFORM221 and help the campaign.

More information is available at the new Reform221 website at


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