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SEIU 221 Abandons $107,000 "Severance" Pay for Moore

Feb 4, 2010

The SEIU Local 221 Executive Board met this evening.

The agenda was amended to NOT have the Board's election of a replacement Secretary of the Local be part of the closed, executive session. The items on repealing the $107,000 severance pay deal and the consulting contract deal for former President Sharon-Frances Moore were hidden away from ordinary members of the union by the tactic of going into closed executive session.

Votes for Local Secretary were 9 for Al Parra and 5 for Rick Lovett. Secretary Parra will now serve as co-president, along with VP James Slade and Treasurer Alison Barkley, until a new permanent replacement for the Local President is voted in.

Around 9 PM the meeting ended and Board members said they repealed the $107,000 severance pay to Moore. They also voted to terminate the 60-day "transitional" consulting contract with her. In other words, the contract had already been signed, despite the warning from International President Andy Stern that it should NOT be.

Before the meeting really got started, Interim Local 221 President Slade read the letter from the U.S. Dept of Labor, in which DOL and the Local agreed to an extension of the deadline for DOL court action, to March 3. The union's attorney, Fern Steiner, then read another letter from DOL to the Local, which states that DOL has made a preliminary finding of VIOLATIONS. Steiner explained that the March 3 deadline was negotiated to give the union extra time to try to show evidence that the DOL's preliminary findings are wrong, and that the union has until Feb. 22 to do that. DOL has focused on the lack of secret ballots at the polls, improper restrictions on candidates right to inspect the union voter/member lists, and LACK OF NOTICE OF ELECTION TO THE MEMBERS.

Steiner was asked by an E-Board member if she had been given copies (by the union) of the complaints and appeals and rulings thus far. Steiner said she "may" have been given a copy of the original election protest (July 2009) but that she was NOT given a copy of the complaint filed with DOL. She said she only recently obtained it, BY DOWNLOADING IT OFF OF THE REFORM221 WEBSITE !!!!!!!

For Union Democracy,
Monty Kroopkin

Posted by SEIU SMART at 3:46 PM, March 20, 2010


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