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More from the media on our movement and democracy within SEIU.

Labor Notes - Mark Brenner on the convention, our challenges to international management's program, and our reform movement.

New York Times: "the (SEIU) is about to jettison a time-honored union tradition - having members go to their union representatives with their questions and grievances."

Wall Street Journal: "At issue is Mr. Stern's approach to unionism."

New York Times reports on criticism that SEIU's "growth at any cost" mentality hurts workers

Fight Back News book review By Joe Isobaker: "Andy Stern's A Country That Works and the struggle in SEIU"

Link to Walter Ballin's SEIU blog: "Labor Union Members Fight For Democracy, & My Experience"

Counterpunch article By Steve Early: "Reforming the SEIU (A Purple Uprising in Oakland)"

"SEIU skullduggery exclusive: Internal emails show top staffers at SEIU seeking to undermine dissidents in contested union election." By JB Powell, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"A less perfect union. At a time when organized labor is slipping, SEIU's national leaders are wasting their resources trying to discredit Sal Rosselli." By JB Powell, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"SEIU Officials Have a Blast...the real deal on the disruption at the Labor Notes conference by a group of SEIU officials and members." By Ken Paff, National Organizer, TDU.

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